Archer VR600 DHCP Issue

Archer VR600 DHCP Issue
Archer VR600 DHCP Issue
2017-02-03 03:18:49
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Hello All,
I have recently bought an Archer VR600 and am having an issue with the DHCP settings. After a while of being on, I'm unable to obtain DHCP addresses for new clients until I reset the router.

I had this on my previous router, and have taken the following steps, but still get the same issue:
I previous had an issue with a couple of devices (one being an Apple TV), so those now have static IP addresses
[*]I reduced the DHCP lease to 120 minutes
[*]Firmware is fully up to date
Despite this, I still seem to be running out of addresses. After a reboot, a new device is still getting a remarkably high IP address. I'm assigning to, and new devices are getting addresses over 150.

Any advice on settings to try or other diagnostics that might be helpful?

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