Archer VR600 Parental Controls

Archer VR600 Parental Controls
Archer VR600 Parental Controls
2017-03-29 04:31:23
Model : Archer VR600

Hardware Version :

Firmware Version : 0.2.0 0.9.1 v0057.0 Build 160614 Rel.41735n



I've been having trouble getting satisfactory levels of parental controls applied with the VR600. It seems the router still allows some traffic through for devices which should be filtered. The devices are unable to access web pages, but they can still use apps such as WhatsApp/Snapchat/Instagram to send and receive messages and notifications when the internet is supposed to be blocked.

How is this level of parental controls deemed acceptable in this day and age when such apps are the exact reason why many parents want to limit internet usage at certain times?

I've contacted customer support a couple of times on the matter and they acknowledge the router is unable to block some apps, but are unable to advise as to when they can offer suitable levels of parental controls.

This is incredibly frustrating as my previous TP Link router (TD-W9980) was capable of blocking ALL access to certain devices based on schedules, so I thought an upgraded router from the same manufacturer would still allow that level of protection.

It seems the only benefit from the upgrade is being able to use the Tether app, which I have to say is quite good, but reliable parental controls are more important to me.