Sharing files remote with the tl-mr3220

Sharing files remote with the tl-mr3220
Sharing files remote with the tl-mr3220
2017-04-22 05:11:25
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Warning: I'm using google translate.

Hi friends, I have a doubt regarding this tplink router and in general to any USB model, anyway I am evaluating to acquire one.

1.- I can accede to some FREE service of DDNS (dynamic domain) like No-ip or similar?, I almost crash with a Linksys because it has the option, but only of payment and here in Venezuela we do not have many facilities for the $.

2.- Does that USB connection allow me to insert a USB stick to use as a network hard drive?

3.- And most importantly, once I log in to the router can I access the information of that pendrive outside of the network using DDNS ?, and in that case, it's like using a network hard drive? So that you can edit the files live, not for example as an FTP that you access but you work on a temporary file that could be reloaded (in that case it would be better to use googledrive or dropbox).

The specific case is that I am implementing an administrative management software that uses access database and allows simultaneous connections, for example in units or locations within a lan network, such that the cashier can be invoiced while administration manages inventories . One of the partners needs to have that versatility but remotely, that is to say that from your home or tablet windows can work with the software as it is there.

PS: I tried a VPN but it is an extremely slow response time, so I need to login in the program, I need only 10 minutes, try an FTP, but what happens in point 3, I would like to try with this simple solution, I I know that I could try to use a windows or linux server but it is a small company and they have neither the infrastructure nor the investment to buy a server nor any additional service, so I ask before risking to buy one to try.

Thank you very much in advance.