Switching to new router - set up question

Switching to new router - set up question
Switching to new router - set up question
2017-08-11 17:09:25
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Hi there

Currentlyt have an AV 500 Passthrough adaptor set-up using a Virgin Media Superhub 2 router that is working well. Router is upstairs linked by ethernet to my PC. Powerline wifi adapter is downstairs and used by my wife on her laptop and to provide wifi for our Samsung TV to access catch up channels. TV also runs Virgin's TiVo box to access there offering of TV channels.

Virgin are due next week to install a new TV V6 box and a new Superhub 3 router. Apparently for optimal performance the V6 box requires an ethernet link to the internet - presumably for best catch-up performance on BBC iPlayer etc.

I was planning to get them to keep the existing set up but move the downstairs powerline adaptor closer to the TV area so that I could use one of its ethernet ports to link to,the V6 box.

What I'm unsure of is what I need to do with the new router. Will I need to do a factory reset on the downstairs adapter then clone it to the new router to get it to work. Do I need to do anything with the unit currently cabled to the old router or will it recognise the new router and remain paired with the downstairs unit

Any advice will be welcomed
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Re:Switching to new router - set up question
2017-08-14 18:00:00
Even the main router changes, the connection between the two adapters still exists.
It has no need to pair them again.
Simply connect the passthrough adapter to the new router with an Ethernet cable.

However, the wifi adapter will not have the wifi name as your new router but it will keeps the old name, either TP-link or the old router's name if you have cloned before.
If you want the wifi adapter to have the same wifi name as the new router, wifi clone is necessary.