Troubleshooting VPN Issues on Deco

Released On: 2023-06-15 09:15:40Last update time: 2024-02-28 08:01:48




Case 1. Work as a VPN Passthrough router

The term "VPN Passthrough" on Deco means that it works neither as a VPN server nor a VPN client but as a tunnel in between that allows traffic from these endpoints to "pass through". All Deco supports VPN passthrough for IPSec/PPTP/L2TP and is intended to work without modification.  So clients connected to Deco could directly make a VPN dial-up connection on themselves to the remote VPN server.

Q1. What should I do if the client failed to connect to the remote VPN server?
1. Ensure the same client could connect to the VPN server on another Wi-Fi network.
2. (Optional)If there is another DHCP router connected ahead of Deco, please change Deco to Access Point mode.
3. (Optional)If Deco is the only router, please unplug Deco and connect a computer via an Ethernet cable to the ISP modem and make VPN dial-up connection again.



Case 2. Work as the VPN Client.

>>Deco VPN Server/Client Supported List.

Q1. How to set up VPN Client on Deco?

Deco VPN Configuration Guide

Q2. VPN Client status showed connected, but the selected clients had no internet, or VPN Client status showed connecting all the time.

1. Ensure you could successfully make a VPN dial-up connection on the clients themselves via the same OpenVPN config file(Please remember that many OpenVPN providers require users to log into their management interface to find VPN service credentials first for a third-party OpenVPN configuration).

2. If possible, It's also suggested to try TCP protocol on the VPN server if it's currently using UDP, then save the file and upload it into Deco again to check if that works.

3. Please change the WAN DNS to per link-How to change DNS server settings on Deco 

4. Install the following beta firmware to see whether it helped fix the current issue:

Deco XE75_V1 Deco XE75_V1_1.2.7_build20230818
Deco XE5300_V1 Deco XE5300_V1_1.2.7_build20230818
Deco XE75 Pro_V1 Deco XE75 Pro_V1_1.2.3_build20230818

Note: Please be sure you have read the Terms and Conditions for TP-Link Beta Firmware before proceeding!

If your issue cannot be fixed by the above suggestions, please comment below with the following information:

  • What kind of VPN server you are connecting to, like NordVPN, ExpressVPN and SurfsharkVPN?
  • What kind of VPN Client software you were using on the local PC or phone when it is connecting fine, like OpenVPN Connect or GlobalProtect APPs?
  • Which step did you fail to get through, any error message or screenshot on the Deco APP?




Case 3. Work as a VPN Server.


Q1. How to set up VPN Server on Deco?

Deco VPN Configuration Guide

Q2. What should I do if I cannot connect to my VPN Server?

1. Ensure there is a public WAN IP address under Deco APP>More>Internet connection>IPV4. A private internet address under CG-NAT network would cause some issues.
2. Set up DDNS on Deco if the WAN IP is dynamic.




Case 4: Use PPTP/L2TP VPN as the internet connection type.

Some ISPs provide internet service based on PPTP/L2TP protocol. Please refer to this link to set up PPTP/L2TP internet connection on Deco: 

How to Configure PPTP/L2TP Internet Connection on the Deco


so this works for some of my devices but most seem to be denied internet access.  They connect fine but can't get out to the internet.  Another wonderful non-functioning part of DECO routers...


Hi, May I know the model number of your Deco?

I would highly appreciate it if you could start a new thread here with more details about what current issue you are experiencing with VPN on Deco.

Wait for your reply and best regards.


Hi, Wi-Fi connection problems. Internet connection is Australian NBN FTTP, provider is Aussie Broadband with a dedicated IP address. My router is a TPL Archer AX73 set up as a wireless gateway, the wired network works just fine. I have 4 TPL Deco Mesh 9+ wired in series with the main one wired to a Lan port on the router. All Deco are set as Access Points and it used to work just fine. I have subscribe to a VPN [Private Access VPN - PIA] which might be the culprit but I am not sure as the WiFi connection problem occurs with the VPN connected or not. For some unknown to me reasons my IP range for some connected devices IPads and iPhones the network change to another set of IP address and sub and those devices DHCP Auto are not connected to the network. The tether app shows everything works fine and the Deco app as well says that all is working fine. What am I missing? Do I have to make some settings change because of the VPN? Is it that mac ios new version is playing havoc, with the new trend that wants to make everything automatic nothing is really working anymore. I might be from the old guard but I want to do things myself and the way I like. Many thanks for any help and guiding, regards, John

I have a Deco AX55

My WAN IP is a public ipv4 IP NOT CGNAT

I am trying to use VPN Client with OpenVPN

I have set my Wan DNS to

I have tried OpenVPN on both TCP and UDP

The OpenVPN connection works from other systems/clients but never connects from the AX55

Any other ideas?