Deco VPN Server/Client Supported List

Released On: 2023-11-08 07:10:42Last update time: 2024-03-04 10:02:48

How to confirm whether my Deco supports VPN server/client or not?
VPN is quite an important feature and has been highlighted in the release note. It follows the main Deco and as long as the main Deco supports VPN, the whole Mesh would work with VPN.

Please check the release notes of your current version on the official websites, for example:


Then you could take the list below for reference:
1. The listed models have supported VPN server/client functionality on their latest firmware prior to the posted date.
2. Some models will support this feature through firmware upgrades, and we will provide regular updates here.
3. The VPN feature requires Deco to work in wireless router mode.
4. Please make sure the Deco APP is up to date.

5. VPN Server/ Client Configuration Guide

(Please comment below if your supported model is not listed or any mistakes.)

Normally Vx.0=Vx.6/Vx.8 (eg:V1.0=V1.6/V1.8);   Vx.x0=Vx.x6/Vx.x8 (eg:V1.20=V1.26/V1.28)

Model Hardware Version Firmware Version
Deco X20 V4 1.1.0
Deco X20 V3 1.1.0
Deco X25 V4 1.1.0
Deco X25 V3 1.1.0
Deco X50 V1 1.2.0
Deco X50 V1.2 1.1.0
Deco X55 V1 1.2.0
Deco X55 V1.2 1.1.0
Deco X60 V3 1.2.0
Deco X68 V2 1.2.0
Deco X73 V1 1.2.0
Deco X75 V1 1.2.0
Deco X75 V2 1.2.0
Deco X80 V1 1.2.0
Deco X90 V1 1.2.0
Deco X95 V1 1.2.0
Deco X50 Pro V1 1.2.0
Deco X55 Pro V1 1.2.0
Deco PX50 V1 1.2.0
Deco X50-Outdoor V1 1.2.0
Deco X50-PoE V1 1.2.0
Deco XE75 V1 1.2.0
Deco XE75 V2 1.2.0
Deco XE75 Pro V1 1.2.0
Deco XE75 Pro V2 1.2.0
Deco XE200 V1 1.2.0
Deco BE65 V1 1.0.3
Deco BE65_5G V1 1.0.0
Deco BE75 V1 1.0.2
Deco BE85 V1 1.0.7
Deco BE85 V2 1.0.9
Deco BE95 V1 1.0.9
Deco W6000 V1.2 1.2.0
Deco W6000 V2 1.1.0
Deco X4300 Pro V1 1.2.0
Deco X5400 Pro V1 1.2.0
Deco X5700 V1 1.2.0
Deco XE5300 V1 1.2.0
Deco XE5300 V2 1.2.0




You write "The VPN feature requires Deco to work in wireless router mode". 

Why "wireless"?

@yves_b Hi, So far, the Deco DSL, Deco 4G/5G models don't support VPN Server/Client.

There are  DSL modem router, 4G/5G router, wireless router and Access Point modes on Deco. 

But I mainly want to highlight Deco does not support VPN Server/Client in Access Point mode.

Best regards.


@David-TP Hi there! Is there any plan to expand this to the DSL units in the near future?



Hi, I would love to see this on the entire Deco range, espescially the S7.


Interestingly, since the S& (and many, many other units in the Deco range) do not support static routes, this means we are unable to use our own VPN gateway. This really isn't good. Static routes have been avaialble on ALL comptetitors producst for literally decades!


Let's start with the basics, please. Implement the most BASIC features - static routes. At least with this BASIC feature, we can at least use our own VPN gateway.

I have had a terrible experience with the TP-Link Deco X50-4G router. 


I discovered the "hard way" that cellular networks cannot be used with gaming consoles due to "carrier-grade NAT" and the dreaded "double NAT detected" issue. In the UK, unscrupulous companies like EE (BT) are "duping customers (like me)" into bundling Xbox Game Pass into their unliimited data "contracts" (obviously not "unlimited" another marketing lie) and selling themselves as "gamer friendly". 


I thought I'd be a good dad and fell for the marketing lies....My heart sank when my 7 yo couldn't chat to his friends or connect to a mulitplayer games on his shiny new game pass and decent 4G+ connection.  


The only workaround I've found? A VPN client to a server which has a dedicated public IP address. A feature all cellular routers MUST HAVE....and much to my frustration something the Deco X50-4G is missing....


I'm not signing up to yet another HomeShield subscription. Especially since there's "zero documentation" this will even solve the problem on the Deco X50-4G. Nor am I prepared to spend anymore money on additional X50's just to try to set it up as a dedicated WiFi router using my existing NordVPN subscription "just for the xbox" in case it doesn't work, or a firmware update "nerfs" the feature to force me into a subscription. "Trust is the issue here". These products are already far too expensive to have all their basic features moved behind a paywall/subscription....


This is a failed product IMHO. Missing basic features like cell and device info, VPN client and fall-back to "wifi router mode"...who the heck wants so fallback to 3G/4G router mode!! You only buy this product if you need it to be the "primary" connection due to poor copper connections.. mental. Oh, and terribly poor SMB connectors that distintegrate with all the entanna swapping/repositioning needed.


If 5G ever comes to my area I won't be upgrading to a TP-link product....unless something drastically changes to convince me to stick with a VPN client.

I have at home Deco M5 and connect daily to work with Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN. No issues.

TP-Link M5v3

If I have a S4 should I just buy a new model (maybe manufacturer) or will they ever upgrade to support VPN client? 

@David-TP Have any update for X20-4G (Wireless Router Mode)?



It states that V1 X50 POE supports VPN server, however there is no mention of V2. Does this also support VPN server?