Found Archer C7 v5 or Archer A7 v5 is emitting hidden network? Read it to get more details.

With wifi analyzer, we can find that Archer A7 v5 / Archer C7 v5 (both with latest firmware) has 2 SSIDs on each band. 

Actually, one of them is the normal SSID, which can be detected and connected by the wireless devices; 


The other is the hidden SSID, which is used to build up the one mesh wireless network system. It cannot be detected by the common wireless devices. 


See picture attached below: 



There is another picture reported by end-user.



Like the existing Deco mesh package products, the specific hidden network with high-intensity random password can guarantee the security of the network.


So please be assured of it, it is used to build up the one mesh network. Not a bug.


For more information about OneMesh, please read this article:



Latest frimware still has no Hidden network On/off switch for Onemesh.. why don't you do it, while people asking this for a year now ? why you treat us like that.. does your company thinks customers are fools?

Well done, buddy, and thanks for sharing your excellent research strategy. I'll definitely use it in my segment.