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By erreur404 2024-04-15 07:29:19

[Deco be85] - Issue after lastest update 1.0.16 - Regular signal lost on satellite

@David-TP Hello, After latest update to firmware from 10.0.15 to 10.0.16, I regularly lost signal on one satellite. No issue before update, and nothing else was change It-'s possible to fix this issue
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By Onelastthing1 2024-02-28 07:51:17

15 Pro Max Unable to detect 6GHz (WiFi 6E). Fixed!

Got the 15 Pro Max as a prize a few days ago and it’s surely amazing until I noticed the 15 PM won’t detect the 6 GHz WiFi of my router. I’m using a 3-pack Deco XE75. 6 GHz has been enabled and set as
Knowledge Base/ Troubleshooting
By David-TP 2023-01-31 03:03:47

Parental Control does not work

"Filter Content" is based on the Parental Control database, and sometimes the database might not get a timely update, so some sites might not be classified into a default content category. In this way
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By David-TP 2024-01-25 11:43:19

How to use Deco with two ISPs?

Common user scenarios Case One Link Backup/Failover There are two broadband connections available on my property: Fiber Ethernet connection Limited broadband bandwidth, such as the xDSL connection or
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By TP-Link 2021-06-08 10:44:17

Zoom or Microsoft Teams frozen or hanging when connected to Deco

This Article applies to: Several Deco models Zoom/ Skype/ Microsoft Teams, and other Video Conference Platforms Typical Problem Description: 1. After connecting to the Deco Wi-Fi, Zoom says that the s
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By TP-Link 2021-06-10 06:37:29

LED loop on Deco/ Deco stuck in solid yellow

This Article Applies to: All Deco models Typical Problem Description: 1. One of the Deco units was stuck in constant yellow light mode and was not able to enter setup mode (blue blinking light); 2. On