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Forums/ WiFi Routers
2016-02-01 04:36:24
are ping watch dog failures logged in the system log (TL-WR802N)?
Model : Hardware Version : Not Clear Firmware Version : ISP : hi. i have a very nice TL-WR802N. it's an impressive device -- size, weight, functionality. but, it's rebooting fairly regularly. i've...
Forums/ Powerline Adapters
2015-10-21 16:21:57
Re:How do I get WPA4220 to run 'bridge mode' without using Wifi cloning?
hi. i also would like to set up my powerline adapters as bridges to expand my existing WIFI network. (i suspect this would require the units to support IEEE 802.1D.) the current situation, which is...
Forums/ Switches & Routers
2015-10-21 16:16:57
Re:Does the TL-SG1005D support 802.1d (Spanning Tree Protocol / STP) ?
by the way, STP (ieee 802.1d) is pretty much unmanaged (certainly as unmanaged as, say, DHCP). it's hard to build reliable, loop-free networks without using the spanning tree protocol. (imho.) cheers.
Forums/ Powerline Adapters
2015-04-03 03:32:35
Re:wired port multicast/bonjour not being sent out wireless port?
Tony, my WPA4220s are running "1.2.8 Build 140401 Rel.49960n; MAC-QCA7420-". my TL-PA4010 is running "MAC-QCA7420-". (sorry for the slow...
Forums/ Powerline Adapters
2015-03-13 03:33:24
wired port multicast/bonjour not being sent out wireless port?
Region : Argentina Model : TL-WPA281 Hardware Version : V1 Firmware Version : ISP : hi. to paraphrase a possibly related post, i have 2 TL-WPA4220's (A and B, to give them names) and one TL-PA4010...