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2023-08-30 08:14:29
Re:Improve Network Status and APP Control on Deco X50/X55
@David-TP nice to see this beta, i have just experienced an ethernet backhaul speed degradation from 1gbps to 100mbps in a 2 Deco X50 setup, hope this beta can fix this also, just installed & testing.
Forums/ Deco
2023-01-11 09:37:43
Re:Early Release VPN/Static Route/MTU Firmware for Deco X50/X55
@mirdragon same problem here with an access point TL-WA1201 V2. some bugs never fixed, while V3 is receiving some updates. maybe i have to push into that a famous third party firmware...
Forums/ Deco
2023-01-09 08:03:42
Re:Early Release VPN/Static Route/MTU Firmware for Deco X50/X55
@David-TP well done, it's on test (2 X50 v1.0, wired backhaul). as a side note, the wired one disappeared after a software restart of the whole system, i needed to switch off and disconnect/reconnect...
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2023-01-02 18:21:20
static IPv6 option?
hello there, my ISP provides a static IPv6 subnet /56, but there is no option to set up a static IPv6 subnet in my X50, fw1.1.0, router mode here are IPv6 setup guidelines for TP-Link routers (in a...