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Forums/ Business Routers
2020-02-06 03:35:36
Re:TL-ER6020- NAT-Virtual Servers are running but go down when WAN2 links up
@Brokker For tp-link router, I remember need choose interface in virtual server function, if you choose WAN1, you only are able to access internal server via WAN1. As you said, you have built two...
Forums/ Business Routers
2020-02-04 07:29:25
Re:Which TP-Link routers have SNMP?
@pdn TP-Link SMB router only support Public MIB, do not support private MIB, it is different from TP-Link Managed Switch, In my opinion, You cannot monitor data of TP-Link SMB router via SNMP...
Forums/ Business Routers
2020-02-04 07:23:59
Re:Disable NAT on TL-R600VPN
@Yoursi For TP-Link, only the old SMB Router as TL-ER 6120 V1 support Routing mode, now, the new SMB router do not support Routing mode,so you cannot disable NAT function.
Forums/ Business Switches
2019-12-03 08:06:40
Re:T2600G-28TS Time Range and ACL
@Mike63 Why you do not configure web filter or ACL in your router? Certainly, you can upload the screenshots about your ACL rules, maybe we can find the reason.
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
2019-12-03 07:56:16
Re:I can't do Port Forwarding
@Vilware Although I do not know the detailed inforamtion about your issue. But In my opinion, you can read the FAQ firstly. I think it is useful for you.
Forums/ Pharos Wireless Broadband
2019-05-17 06:27:23
Re:Impossible to connect to TP-Link CPE210 after reset
wifirepeater1 wrote Hello, i have set my cpe 210 succesfully to range extender 3 years ago and had to reset it today. I am now unable to connect to the management page even though i have changed the...