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Forums/ Kasa Smart Thermostat
2023-03-24 01:45:40
Re:KE100 SmartThings Integration
@paul_harris77 Just curious what would happen if you try to add the kasa hub as 'other' device in the SmarThings app: How to configure the Kasa device to work with SmartThings APP?
Forums/ Kasa Cameras
2023-03-24 01:29:12
Re:Date and Time Metadata Over-written when downloaded to Apple Photos via IOS
@seamuswarren I downloaded some cloud videos in the kasa app and does not find they have time stamps on them. Are you requesting an improvement of having time stamp on the video clips?
Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
2023-01-30 03:17:58
Re:Can I use a standard 12v Adapter for TP-Link Tapo C210 Wifi Camera
@LucasApple1998 Tapo C210 Standard power cord is 9.0V/0.6A , you should be able to use a 0.9A/12V adapter for the the camera. In a related topic, it mentioned a power cord with higher voltage does...
Forums/ Tapo Smart Sensors
2023-01-25 02:45:28
Re:T310 and hub
@Volvo940 It seems that you need a T100 hub for the T310 smart sensor, hub is the bridge between Wifi network and the T310 sensor. Hub Required- Tapo Smart Hub (H100) is required....
Forums/ Tapo Smart Plugs
2023-01-25 02:00:40
Re:Tapo P100 two set up no problems cant set more
@Johnno001 I think turning off Bluetooth and turning it back on, or restarting your phone may help. Or you might try a different mobile device like tablet/ phone to setup the Tapo plug.
Forums/ Kasa Smart Bulbs
2023-01-04 01:15:58
Re:Kasa smart bulbs loosing wifi...
@RajeevElzrando How did you find out the bulb drops from Wifi network, you can check if the instruction helps. What should I do if my Kasa device (smart plug, smart lighting) keeps losing connection...