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By JT25 Saturday

Add printer to Deco X95

Hi, does anyone know how to add Canon Pixma MG2960 colour printer wireless to Deco X95. Printer has no Ethernet port, it support Cloud print. Cheers.
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By DamienLM Wednesday

Xe75 mesh setup

Hi all, I am about to buy my new internet setup before moving to my new place. I will have 4 floors and I want to get the best setup possible. Can I do my setup as below ? Will my local operator's mod
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By shakyy Friday

Deco x60 + Powerline device

Hello, I am putting together a list of devices necessary to provide Wi-Fi coverage to my home. My idea is to start with two X60 deco devices, separated from each other by 1 wall and approximately 8 me
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By TreeHugger Wednesday

Wireless devices not working with wired devices

I recently purchased a three Deco package to sort out the poor wifi from my router (Plusnet). One Deco is wired to the router (wifi is disabled on the router), with two other Decos connecting to it vi
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By DavidStolk8 a week ago

Deco x60 with X90 or other triband

Hallo, I have already in my house (basement, ground floor and first floor) 3 Deco X60 and it is already great but I think I can pump it up a little more by adding a Deco X90 triband as base station (s
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By mlj a week ago

Question re AP mode and Main Deco M5

Hi- I have 5 Deco m5 in AP mode connected via Ethernet to a single LAN switch, with the switch connected to an Archer vr2800 modem router These are a mix of v2 and v3 units all on the latest FW releas