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By Hispanico Wednesday

Deco X50 static IP

I have 4 Deco X50 and i need set as static ip a device connect in wifi to my Deco. In which a can set it ? In advanced config or in others options i dont find anything to reserve static ip Thank Hispa
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By siskin 21 hours ago

ethernet versus wifi connection

I have 4 Deco S7 units. A switch is connected to the main, two other Deco units are connected to it. The fourth unit is connected to one of the two. All connected by a functional ethernet cable. One o
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By sghatuwa 6 hours ago

Deco M5 and M9 connection

Hello, Currently I am using single Deco M5 with wired connection from main router. Now I am thinking extending wired / wireless connection to Deco M9 from Deco M5. Is that connection supported as mesh
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By AngryAsianGuy Tuesday

Deco M4 v2 - When is connection Preference coming???

I currently reside in the United Kingdom. I have x4 Deco M4 v2. Can anyone advise when connection preference is coming? Because I have all my extra units connection to the main base unit, which is not
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By kitenski Tuesday

XE75 and Virgin Media - best practise Hub in modem mode or Deco in AP mode?

I recently got the XE75 pro and it appears to be working fine to my Virgin Media v5 Hub. I've turned Wifi off on the hub and the XE75 is in AP mode. I'm wondering if it's better to flip the VM Hub int
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By Vanellus a week ago

S4 v2 Firmware Update

I've just been browsing the site, chewing the cud, when I noticed there was an update to the S4 v2 firmware (version 1.6.1) launched on 5 February 2024. The firmware has 'Fixed some security vulnerabi