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By kbal 21 hours ago

Deco M5 "Incorrect Password" message when trying to login to WiFi from any of my devices

Today I bought and set up a brand new 3 Unit Deco M5 Mesh WiFi Whole Home System. Apart from the Android Phone I have the TP-Link App installed on, (to set up and control the system), I cannot connect
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By DiceKey Yesterday

Deco M5 Firmware 1.6 and Deco M9 Firmware 1.5

I have 3 Decos daisychained: 1. Main Deco (M9) 2. Satellite Deco 1 (M9) 3. Satellite Deco 2 (M5) If I update my Deco M5's firmware to 1.6 without updating my M9 Decos, will I still be able to use the
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By KlimczakM Thursday

X20 + switch vs X50

Hi, I want to create a mesh network with Ethernet Backhaul in my house: router in the garage, 1x AP on the first floor (LAN from router), 1x AP on the second floor (LAN from router). I can only connec
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By KeithyNB Wednesday

Deco X60 Advice please

Hi, I currently have a mix of M4 and S4 Decos in my house and summerhouse and I have Virgin Media broadband. I have just upgraded to 1GB and I'm thinking of getting a couple of X60s to make use of the
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By RBAMilton Wednesday

Re:Separate SSIDs

Thanks for the prompt reply. Specifically my problem and why I want separate SSIDs is a follows: I initially installed Deco M5s with both 2.4 and 5GHz enabled. Whenever I operate a particular applianc
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By Alexandre. Tuesday

Deco M5, selecting signal source - my observations

The sample screenshot of a page in Deco app with Signal Source selection for Deco M5: I noticed the following with Deco Signal Source selection, a feature that became available with firmware 1.6.0. 1.