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By Xray 2022-04-09 14:02:30

Deco X50 missing QoS and Parental Control function

Using iPhone 13Pro with Deco App version 2.12.9. Deco X50 (Hardware Version V1, Firmware 1.0.6 Build 20211224 Rel. 43903) Deco App doesn't have QoS and Parental Control...is it normal?
Forums/ Apps
By Xray 2020-11-18 02:58:41

IOS Deco app 2.3.13

I need help! My iPhoneX with iOS ver 14.2 running Deco app ver 2.3.13 not stable at all. - Restart my phone - remove Deco app and reinstall Problem still there. - Unable to detect any online devices -