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By Thomas2250 2022-01-08 12:31:03

random disconnection from my network

I have regular disconnections (after 24 hours of use) and to solve it I have to restart the router so that it finds the network, even if the LEDs indicate that I am connected to the network
Forums/ 5G/4G Wi-Fi Routers/MiFi
By SandeepRaj 2022-01-07 12:23:15

TP-Link not concentrating on random internet dropout issue from past 6 years

Hello Users as i mentioned in the description TP-link does not worrying about the bugs, only concentrating on business. I have tested with different company modems but no issue found, but Tp-Link prov
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By Namann1 2022-01-05 06:18:44

Internet disconnection frequently on TL-MR100

Hello community, i have been experiencing problem of internet automatic disconnection, while on normal use....wifi is connected but no internet for few seconds..this happens every two or three minutes
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By Chibs 2021-12-25 16:43:05

Default password

Wish go to ask default password mine was rubbed by my kid. Kindly help.
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By Namann1 2021-12-25 13:41:02

Band 41 Vi ( Vodafone Idea) not detecting in manual band selection

@TP-Link , Hello tp link I am using TL-MR100 router, here is problem in manual band selection, while using sim of Vodafone idea, The router is not detecting band 41 in vi sim, as in phone it auto sele
Forums/ 5G/4G Wi-Fi Routers/MiFi
By danielrosehill 2021-09-05 01:05:09

Products that could help me create 5 Ghz network from cellular router?

Hi, I picked up the TL MR 100 a couple of weeks ago in order to provision backup / failover internet connectivity (my ISP router is wired into the WAN port and I have a switch coming out the LAN). For