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By Remmerswaal 2019-06-11 09:54:10

How to prevent bypassing parental control - change request

I used the parental control to restrict the time my son is using the internet for gaming. In the beginning that worked well, but then he started to use free VPN's to bypass the parental control. So I
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By happy2bhere 2022-01-23 18:46:16

4K Fire Stick not connecting to closest S4

I just installed and performed updates to the firmware on a Deco S4 AC1200 3 device mesh system. My download speed is 30Mbps. I just connected a new Fire Stick 4K Max to my TV with its latest updates.
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By franksmartin 2020-07-21 13:22:37

Parental Controls Filter not blocking adult sites

Im trying to block adult sites for 6 of my kid's devices and it's not blocking adult websites. I dont explicitely list any sites, just set the filter level to "pre-teen". Any ideas?
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By Serpenio 2022-01-22 01:32:02

Constant Disconnects

I have 3 Decos on three different floors, main deco is on the middle floor. Now once a week,(maybe more or less) the deco on the first floor seems to disconnect and just loose connectivity. No rhyme o
Forums/ Feature Request (Deco)
By LangTamas 2020-08-03 12:54:14

disable wifi at night on DECO M4

Dear Support Team! In this topic: Kevin mentioned - M4 Deco will get turn off wifi at night function. Today i installed 2 M4 deco and unfortuna
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By Yuhoo 2022-01-19 12:03:51

Adding non-tplink routers to mesh

Is it possible to add non-tplink nodes to a tp-link based primary router? How do I do that? I have Totolink and linksys (and probably some others). Thanks