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By Utmstgsn 2024-02-09 05:39:32

Omada Controller on Raspberry Pi in Docker, lots of java processes (is it normal?)

Is this normal to have this many running processes for Omada?
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By Utmstgsn 2024-02-02 04:14:03

ER7206: new 4.1.1 firmware with undescribed security fixes?

Just updated my ER7206 gateway to 4.1.1: Fixed some known security vulnerabilities. Can anyone elaborate on what the actual vulnerabilities are? This update appears to have come out of nowhere.
Forums/ Routers
By Utmstgsn 2023-08-03 00:55:20

It takes 10mins to configure ER7206 when I change settings

I am having issues with my ER7206. At the moment it takes around 10minutes to configure after rebooting. If I make any changes in Omada, it can make the whole gateway go down and the internet will sto
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By Utmstgsn 2022-06-23 00:09:43

Fixed IP Address not working (ER7206 FW 1.2.1)

I have a VLAN for my IOT devices. This morning i had a blackout and several things went wrong when trying to restore everything: Like above, this device didn't use its Fixed IP settings (I am on 1.2.1
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
By Utmstgsn 2022-05-23 02:53:21

Allow multiple instances of OpenVPN on the one WAN port

It looks like OpenVPN is restricted to only one setup per WAN interface. It would be nice to be able to setup multiple of these so they can work under different VLANs.
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
By EIBROG 2021-03-29 01:35:35

Feature Request - Wireguard

As wireguard seems to mature and look more attractive, any plans to introduce support for this? Cheers!