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By Ali70 2022-09-05 16:37:43

Vr400 v3 Too many Error (pkts) with both latest and beta firmware

Too many pkts error and after about 12 hours or less just download speed dramitaclly decreese and become useless here hte picture with 5 milion pkts error with latest V3_1.5.0_220321 firmware right no
Forums/ DSL Modem&Routers
By Stefano________ 2021-08-17 10:14:38

VR300 | Errors (pkts) increases after ~ 12 hours of usage. Download bitrate drops down dramatically

Hello, have already post about this problem in this thread, but probably is better to create a new one since we are talking about a different model. Problem is that after ~ 12 hour of work the Errors