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By Thijsvu 2022-12-16 10:15:54

Mesh Technology, disable or enable for IoT Devices

Hey, I've been using the M4 for a long time and installed (no joke) atleast a 100 of them. The one thing I'm not sure about is if i should enable or disable the Mesh Technology option for IoT devices.
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By Chnz 2022-12-20 00:46:58

Xe75 not showing #of clients

For some reason my xe75 isn't showing how many clients is connected to each node? Was this removed in a update of some sort?
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By IYS 2022-12-20 01:52:41

Deco XE75 supports 6e but not 6?

Just got the Deco XE75 because I need a dedicated 6Gz band. I just set it up and to my surprise I can only find it with devices that gave 6e. This means that the device i want to connect must have wif
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By Bunky 2022-12-15 09:59:07

Deco XE75 firmware

Situation: 3x Deco XE75 connected in line via CAT6a. I'd like to know when there will be new firmware to fix the next issues: 1. not connecting to the nearest Deco 2. unnecessary switching between Dec