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By David-TP 2024-02-27 09:13:45

Deco X50/X55_V1_1.5.1 Support WireGuard VPN, Client Speed Limit and Fixed WAN Port

This Article Applied to Deco X50/X55_V1_1.4.1 Firmware Modifications 1. Support WireGuard VPN Server/Client. 2. Support built-in easy configuration of NordVPN/Surfshark VPN. Note: In compliance with l
Forums/ Feature Request (Deco)
By Jass-65 2024-02-28 14:00:17

Refresh in Deco App

When I look at the devices connected to the different nodes it always shows an old status. Is there an option to force a Refresh so the actual status is shown ? The system says everything is working f
Forums/ Feature Request (Deco)
By SaschaPapini 2024-02-01 18:11:54

Deco X50-DSL and X50 bad Regulatory Domain and some problem with mesh Wifi

Good evening everyone, I bought 2 Deco (X50-DSL and X50) because unfortunately with only one Deco (X50-DSL) the internet didn't work in the rooms (while with the Archer VR1210v everything worked) and
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By David-TP 2023-11-28 09:45:05

ECO Mode on Deco X50/Deco X55

This Article applied to: Deco X50_V1 >>More ECO Supported Deco Models Download Link: Deco X50(EU/US/CA/JP)_V1_1.4.1_build_20231122 Deco X50(SG)_V1_1.4.0 Deco X55_V1_1.4.1 >>How to update the firmware
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By Rikko 2023-09-28 09:13:47

Auto blocked devices

Hello I'm having a problem with many devices showing up as blocked in my device list. I unblock them, but after a while they show up as blocked again. The interesting thing is that they aren't actuall
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By NaimJain 2023-08-30 06:39:36

Functionality Support (i.e. IoT Network) Similar to Deco X50

I have both Dec0 X50 and X50-Outdoor. I notice that there are many function supported by the X50 but not supported by X50-Outdoor (i.e IoT Network etc) causing function degradation if I combine both D