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By j0k3r 2023-12-22 05:08:52

Parental Control - Down time possible?

Good evening all. I am looking to see if there is a simple way to have downtime setup per device. Seems like a logical thing that most newer models have, so I have machines marked and cann see there u
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By j0k3r 2023-05-04 12:44:31

XE75 - Brand new user - Firmware + app questions

I have the following 2 questions on my new purchase; 1. I don't see a hardware version anywhere on the device and/or app, so how do I find that? I do the box that says US v1.6. Considering the version
Forums/ Deco
By j0k3r 2023-05-04 12:30:21

Usage reports - user/device time, etc. - what data can or cant I get

I am not 100% sure on the model as the box shows AXE5400 (yet there is none), the app under Update says Deco XE75, I do know it's the 6E mesh so we will leave it at that. Basically I wanted to test th