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By TP-Link Deco 2017-07-31 20:07:45

How to set up Deco to work in Access Point mode?

Deco supports Access Point mode with latest firmware and APP version. Please refer to the FAQ link for how to set up Deco in AP mode:
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By Brook 2019-07-10 06:28:35

Latest firmware (version 1.3.1) with new features for Deco M5 is available now

Hi All, A new firmware (version 1.3.1) for Deco M5 has been released. The new release has fixed the Wi-Fi dropout issue with the 1.2.8 version and added some new amazing features. Notes: 1. Please upd
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By Brusbuilis 2019-06-24 08:13:49

Deco M9 Plus IoT

Hi all. Doubts about the device: I have purchased this device because I have smart bulbs out of the reach of the Philips HUE Bridge, hoping that I could transport the signal from the remote bulbs to
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By TechProdigy 2019-05-31 10:04:38

M5 Deco Keep Disconnecting

We have four new Deco M5 that are updated to the latest firmware version. My iPhone always says I have a connection (the three "WiFi bars" top right of the phone) but no connection when pinged. See pi
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By Dekel 2019-04-29 15:23:59

Deco M5 Ethernet Speeds

I have 2 deco m5 units, the main is connected via PPPOE to my fiber network, The other port on the Main deco is connected to the 2nd deco. the other port on the second deco is connected to my wired ne
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By TP-Link Deco 2017-07-11 14:15:12

How to set up Ethernet Backhaul with your Deco devices

Ethernet Backhaul is a feature which makes it possible to wired the Deco units together. Thanks to this feature, every two Deco units can be wired with an Ethernet cable. And Deco will transmit data b