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By beefJerky 2020-06-14 15:37:13

How to bypass Neffos X1 Max Google Account Verification step after phone hard reset

My Neffos X1 Max has latest official updates. After doing hard reset, phone forces me to login to Google Account, because it knows that I've been logged in before hard reset. Isn't hard reset supposed
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By rueboe 2019-09-05 08:29:21

Re:When will be offical NFUI8 update for smartphone Neffos X1 Max?

Same Problem, same Question. Meanwhile Android 10 is available. And we owners of the most expencieve NEFFOS phones use version 7!
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By beefJerky 2020-01-29 11:31:39

Neffos and NFUI projects websites need some improvements

I like the Neffos brand and it's price/quality ratio, but I think that regarding Neffos/NFUI websites, there could be some improvements added. 1. There's no official list of End Of Support Neffos devi
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By beefJerky 2019-05-31 11:27:21

When will be offical NFUI8 update for smartphone Neffos X1 Max?

There are few Neffos models weaker than Neffos X1 Max and they already updated to NFUI8 - why X1 Max still isn't?