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By David-TP 2020-09-18 02:59:56

Weak secuirty issue on the IOS system

Background: Some of you may have updated your Apple devices to the latest iOS 14 version and get a “Weak Security” warning message when connecting to the Deco network. Why Deco network is displayed as
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By AnonyOne 2020-09-16 07:34:56

new (beta) firmware version for Deco M5 (v1) - 1.5.0 - new features testing

Hi @TP-Link and all, I have done a quick round of testing on the new beta firmware released a couple of hours ago -
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By dk61 2020-08-14 19:56:01

Deco M5 1.4.7 Firmware Update

Has anyone else updated their Deco M5 with the latest firmware:. 1.4.7. I haven't noticed any real improvement yet after upgrade. What I did notice is they still haven't added the ability to select ch
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By AnonyOne 2020-07-12 14:43:55

"Weak Wifi Security" on iOS 14 (beta) for Deco M5

hi, the lack of WPA3 support OR the ability to disable WPA have been plaguing the Deco product line for quite a while. as if to make things worse, it seems that new device operating systems (desktop a
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By AnonyOne 2020-04-15 13:59:12

how to distinguish between main and guest clients in AP mode

I have 3 M5 units connected in AP mode and using ethernet backhaul. I have configured both the main host wifi network as well as the guest wifi network. dhcp is handled by the firewall/router to which
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By wahawkIA 2020-04-15 00:48:56

Deco M5 Ethernet Backhaul

Current setup with Deco M5. Modem - Main Deco(router mode) - Switch - 2 slave Decos. Both Slave Decos have Ethernet hooked up, but only one will connect to Ethernet backhaul. The other one stays Wifi.