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By Bignose21 2023-10-20 09:30:49

Omada & EAP225-Outdoor - limited (8) number of 2.4ghz SSID's

I have quite a network of EAP225-Outdoor(EU) v3.0 & V1.0 Generally use the same SSID as does work best for 95% of operations My devices, sonif thermostats & also Tuya plugs etc. they have a habit of d
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By Bignose21 2023-05-05 11:04:08

Add a 2nd SSID to several AP's, all different. EAP225's. some on Mesh, keep main same SSID.

Hi, I have x10 225EAP some V1 some V3, all latest firmware, omada latest & running on a PC 24/7. A few AP's are meshed. I would like to keep all the AP's on 2.4ghz & 5ghz & with the Main SAME SSID so
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By Bignose21 2023-02-11 12:24:36

Two EAP225-Outdoor(EU) v1.0 stuck/cycling Adopting & Provisioning - not changed anything

Model: EAP225-Outdoor(EU) v1.0 Firmware Version: 5.0.9 Build 20220429 Rel. 43558 Omada 5.8.4 on PC windows 10. All latest firmware etc. as of this morning, not sure when it happened, suspect over nigh
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By Bignose21 2023-02-07 09:59:51

Omada devices list no longer has option to update firmware. Red dot but seems need to manually down!

In the past i'm sure I clicked a button & it upgraded any firmware on my devices. do not see that options have 10+ EAP225 outdoor & others most up to date but a few new ones on EAP225 V.3 say 5.7 with
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By Bignose21 2022-10-07 17:21:21

Any difference between V1 & V3 EAP Outdoor (EU)

Hi, Just received x2 EAP 225 Outdoor (EU) UK. They are both V1. All my others going back a year are V.3 so bit surprised to get these from broadbandbuyer, a great company. Have to go back I think near
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By Bignose21 2022-10-07 16:15:34

Different SSID for 2.4 Ghz & 5Ghz

Latest Omada controller & firmware on my EAP's. 4 outdoor & 2 indoor. Trying to set up some Tuya 2.4ghz devices that need my phone to be on the same network to be able to install via the OEM app. My S