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By Alex. 2021-09-25 12:12:24

M9 - Disable DHCP

Hi, On the brink of (maybe) buying a Deco M9 Plus. I heard/read that you can't disable the DHCP unless you turn it into AP-mode. I also read by a support employee on these forums that the suggestion t
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By Cicero_Neto 2020-11-11 09:51:35

BUG Report: Missing Time Settings Time Zone String after 1.5.1 update - Deco M5 V.3

The string for America is missing after upgrading to Firmware 1.5.1. Cannot set time zone.
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By RaymondvH 2020-03-21 16:39:13

Switching main deco from M5 to M9

I started with just a Deco M5 and extended this existing network with 3 M9 Plus units. The M5 is still the main unit, connected to the modem. Now I think it will be better to use one of the M9 units a