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By BoyB 2020-05-18 05:53:22

How to connect the deco's and other devices from my modem?

Hi, I have a Deco M5 tripple pack to connect. There are 3 location to put the deco. 1) kitchen 2) first floor 3) office In the fuse where te modem is will be all the cables from all the rooms to conne
Forums/ Deco
By BoyB 2020-03-24 08:53:16

3 Deco E4 units, 2 units by cable connected, how to set-up?

I have now 3 Deco E4 units. 1 unit is in the livingroom and connected by cable to the modem. 1 unit is in the vide and connected by wifi with the first unit. 1 unit is out of range for the other 2 uni