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By THEPRFCTEN 2020-07-05 04:13:07

Device (Galaxy S9 Plus) doesn't switch Deco units

So I'm new with this Deco M9 Plus that I just installed and set up---- so far I really like it but I am confused because I can walk around my 4,000 ft² house on both floors and my phone will never swi
Forums/ Deco
By THEPRFCTEN 2020-07-04 04:40:18

Devices don't switch to closer/better units

I just set up my M9 Deco Plus 3 pack from Costco V2 and I'm learning a lot but right now using my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus I noticed when connected to the network it does not switch to the closest and b
Forums/ Deco
By Sleater14 2020-06-14 09:32:27

Deco m9 plus v2 update?

Hello, I would like to know if there will be a new update for this version. I bought this product thinking that I would solve my Internet connection problems, and I see that if it fulfills its functio