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By Satheskumar 2021-06-01 13:42:21

MR600 v1 - BETA Firmware 1.1.0 0.9.1 v0001.0 Build 201204 Rel.66940n

@TP-Link I have chosen bank 3 & 40, but it always connects to 40 & 40 why? refer to the screen attached. earlier a few months back it's used to connect 3 & 40 properly for the same settings only then
Forums/ 5G/4G Wi-Fi Routers/MiFi
By darant 2020-04-30 12:36:36

Archer MR600(EU) V1 - BETA Firmware - Allowing selection of 4G+bands for Archer MR600 manually

Hi all, Following the long thread on the same subject discssing the BETA FW, as I said I would, TPLink have given me permission to share the FW download llink. From TPLink - We recently released a bet