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By AlexCouto 2020-10-18 15:14:16

DECO Parental Control - setting different schedules for Saturdays and Sundays

Hello. I need to set up parental control on my DECO daughter's room for the Saturdays and for the Sundays. I was wondering if TP-Link could update the Parental Controls on DECO M5 (or even in all DECO
Forums/ Deco
By AlexCouto 2020-10-03 13:51:51

DECO M5 Wireless Schedule

I have DECO M5 as the main router and I have two DECO M5, one M4R and one M3W as nodes. I wish I could set the nodes to turn off during the night - as we can do with some TP-Link repeaters - to save s
Forums/ Deco
By AlexCouto 2020-09-29 16:19:04

DECO M3 admim password

Hi. I've just installed my new DECO M3 and everything is right and working well. My DECO is in AP mode. However, I was trying to connect to the DECO main router via internal IP and I was able to reach
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By AlexCouto 2020-09-26 21:18:30

Setting up DECO M4R (M3 KIT) with no DHCP Server

Hello, I recently bought the DECO M3 kit (it comes with 1 x M4R router and 1 x M3W mesh range extender) in order to update my current Wi-Fi network. I haven't received it yet, so I can't tell what is