C200 = horrible

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C200 = horrible

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C200 = horrible
C200 = horrible
2020-11-21 08:09:27 - last edited 2020-11-26 06:24:28
Model: Tapo C200  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.0.16


I just need to say this.

I've had two Tapo C200 for a few months now and they truly are horrible feats of hardware and software.

I will present some of my findings which render these device pretty much useless.


--- WIFI ---

The cameras wifi is the worst I've ever encountered in several ways. 

1. Disconnects.

   The cameras randomly disconnects from my wifi several times every day. As at least one on this forum already have presented; it's possible to temporarily fix this by rebooting the device. Unfortunately, the problem repeats itself in a random time of two minutes to a few hours.

2. Range.

   I have my router literally 5 meters (16 feet) away from the router, optimized it for the C200 standards, and still it has at most two out of three bars (mostly just one bar).

--- ONVIF PTZ ---

One of the cameras selling points for me were the support of ONVIF which by the ONVIF standard SHALL include PTZ. This feature is not supported though, which is borderline false advertisement. That's the reason you can't find the C200 on the official conformant products list (onvif.org/conformant-products). This means that the ONLY way to control the rotation of the camera is with the Tapo app (if the camera has any connection at all).

--- RTSP ---

1. One URL unavailable

One of my most recent findings is about the RTSP protocol (RealTime Streaming Protocol). The camera has several available RTSP urls (links), each for different purposes. The <IP>:554/stream1 is for HD resolution and the <IP>:554/stream2 is for low resolution. Sometimes, one of these urls simply isn't available. Honestly, the stream1 isn't available on one of my cameras as I'm writing this (the other one can't stream anything at all (more about that next). 

2. Everything's unavailable

This one is easy to mix up with the wifi-issues. A lot of the time, the device isn't available in either the app, or by IP-camera streaming (RTSP). The device is connected to the wifi (listed as a connected device within my routers user interface), but can't be connected to through either RTSP (any streaming link) or the official app (status offline).

--- SD-card --

The camera needs a micro-SD card to be able to record. That much is obviously true. But about once a week (sometimes more often) the app alerts me with an error. Either the SD-card can't be found, or it has to be formatted (reset).

--- Playback ---

Every time I try to play a recording through the timeline in the app, the app does one of two things. Either, it plays at the selected time and the freezes ("buffers") after a few "clips", or, the playback freezes immediately and I have to switch to another day, and then go back and then it's about one in four chances that the playback has started working again.



These are just the worst of the troubles I've found so far with these cameras and I recommend two things.

TP-Link: Fix this immediately, as your reputation is damaged on a daily basis.

Potential buyer: Don't. Just don't buy this. It's cheap, but still promises the basics of a modern surveillance camera. But it's not worth it. At all!


If TP-link would like to explain the reasons for these "bugs", you are more than welcome to answer in this thread.


Good day


/ Apparently tricked buyer



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