Tape camera video playback

Tape camera video playback

Tape camera video playback
Tape camera video playback
2022-07-29 19:38:32
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We have a C110 camera linked to the app.


When I look at the app on my iPhone I can watch all the playback. However, when my Dad looks on his iPhone he cannot watch any of the playback.


we are not trying to look at the same time, the app on both phones is up to date, both phones are up to date, and there are 0 issues on my phone so the camera/memory card is working.


Any ideas how we can fix this issue?

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Re:Tape camera video playback
2022-08-02 01:48:01 - last edited 2022-08-02 01:49:05

Hello   @AmyHD 

Tapo camera allow only 1 device to view Playback at the same time as Part3 Q3.3 here, if you can not view Playback when only one mobile device try to stream camera: 

Q3.3 Can multiple accounts/devices view the Tapo camera at the same time? 

1. Force close the Tapo APP on your first phone (in case the app is still running on the background)

2. Reboot Tapo camera . In Camera Live view> tap the ' Wheel' icon on the right top and go to Camera Settings> reboot camera

3. Make sure the device camera and Tapo APP are both up to date




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