Delay on for surge protection


Delay on for surge protection

Delay on for surge protection
Delay on for surge protection
2024-05-07 17:14:35
Tags: #Smart Actions #Surge Protection
Model: HS200  
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Requesting that your wall switches such as the HS200 be updated to provide an extra layer of surge protection via a programmable "delayed return to on state".


Use case: We have whole house surge protection. We use your wall switches to turn off susceptible electronic devices (in this case DC fans) when not in use. This reduces the number of failures, but does not protect the fans when they are in use.


The wall switches could provide an extra layer of protection by having a delay setting to not turn back on until at least N seconds after power is turned back on. This is similar to the protection provided by fridge surge protectors, which simply delay power back on in order to protect from the grid noise during this period of time. Of course, any further engineering to provide protection against grid noise in your wall switches would also be appreciated.


My interest is only in your Wifi-controlled devices.



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