Cloudcam nc220 / Synology Sureillance Station (How-To)

Cloudcam nc220 / Synology Sureillance Station (How-To)
Cloudcam nc220 / Synology Sureillance Station (How-To)
2016-06-25 20:31:39
Model :

Hardware Version : Not Clear

Firmware Version :


I am reposting a thread that I made on Synology's official forum.
I really hope tp-link would improve this camera or this series.

- Wi-Fi N (2.4 GHz)
- Fast Ethernet port (10/100 Mbps)
- Night vision
- Motion detection
- Sound detection (not working with surveillance station)
- 640x480@30fps / 320x240@15fps profiles for desktop/mobile (320x240 not working with surveillance station)
- H.264 (buggy, slow, causes camera to disconnect or hang on surveillance station)

- MJPEG support (the only working optimally with surveillance station)

Stream paths:
- HTTP via MJPEG on port 8080 :: /stream/video/mjpeg
- RTSP via H.264 on port 554 :: /h264_vga.sdp
----- This are the only modes that worked for me. I decided to stick with the first one as it's the most reliable with the actual firmware.

Configuration example for HTTP streams (MJPEG):

The camera can be connected to Surveillance Station using a custom configuration because it is not listed as compatible.

(!) Please use the manuals to ensure your camera is correctly configured and available on your network.
- Use 'user defined' as model or manufacturer (first image)
- The password has to be encoded to base64 (first image)
- Camera has to be used as 'live source' instead of Surveillance Station (second image)

How to encode your password to base64:
Option 1: Save the following code to a .html file and open with browser. [code] Encode to base64

[/code]Option 2: Press F12 on your browser, go to console, and type btoa("password");
Option 3: (any online encoder/decoder)

- Live preview app does not work (only the mobile app does)

- Stream can't be downscaled/downgraded when connecting through DS Cam app (Always max resolution)

- RTSP makes camera hang and lose connection with the surveillance station. Also there is a significant lag compared to MJPEG.
- I recommend using Ethernet cable to connect where possible.