LB110 not starting anymore

LB110 not starting anymore
LB110 not starting anymore
2017-04-25 00:55:25
Model : LB110

Hardware Version :

Firmware Version :

ISP : White

Hello Guys.
I am new to the TP-link forum, and if this was discussed before, sorry for asking it again.
I started playing with tp-link lightbulbs in order to automate my home lights. (I tested other solutions also)
I bought 4 x LB110 from amazon a couple of months ago, and all was ok up until last week. One of the lightbulb was dead. Kasa was reporting the lightbulb offline, but when I wanted to manually start the light nothing (it was dead).
Sadly that was the start of it. During last week 2 more bulbs went down.
I have one that is still working, but not sure how long.

My question is: did anyone have similar issues? Did I receive a bad batch? Is there something that I can do? (a reset or something)

Thank you in advance.