How can I view my Tapo camera on PC/NAS/NVR through RTSP/ONVIF Protocol?

Released On: 2021-06-22 08:06:43Last update time: 2024-01-23 12:27:38

Most of the Tapo cameras support the RTSP and ONVIF protocols, allowing them to work with third-party NVR or NAS devices that also support these protocols. If a user wants to view the live stream of the Tapo camera with a third-party app like VLC Player, here are the detailed instructions.
How to view Tapo camera on PC/NAS/NVR through RTSP/ONVIF Protocol?


Note: currently, the Tapo battery-powered cameras do not support the RTSP & ONVIF stream.


  1. I spy is NOT a solution, it will only give you live view on your pc nothing else - no ptz control, memory playback or remote settings etc
  2. AFAIK this may be the same with bluestacks android emulater - btw installing BS is not striaghtforward, you need to check if your cpu allow virtualisation and also it is enable in bios - see BS site. Not a proper Onvif system.
  3. My work around on this is to buy cheap used Tablets 8" and 10" (I use Lenovo) but make sure they are Android 5 and above - mine are A7 Nougat ca £20 on EB.  Even ones with cracked screens can be ok - much cheaper. V low energy use as well  So I can have say 4 separate full views 1080p. AFAIK streaming at 15fps needs a net bandwidth of 3Mbps . Cheapo type N router has 300Mbps available - so no sweat. I dont think Tapo streams any higher (so called 3MB which is for local vid recording which you can only view one at a time anyway)

Why Tapo C225 camera doesn't have a RTSP local streaming capabily? I will return it to the dealer if there is no plan to update the firmwre and support for RTSP straming like all the other Tapo cameras... I'm very dissapointed