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Forums/ Tapo Smart Plugs
2023-03-22 12:01:11
Energy Monitoring P105
Hi, does the tapo plug P105 support the Energy Monitoring (now or in a future firmware upgrade) like the P110 model?
Forums/ Deco
2023-02-24 13:48:18
Availability Europe deco outdoor
Hi, when will the deco x50-outdoor be available in Europe?
Forums/ Feature Requests
2022-12-03 10:18:14
Re:Firmware update tapo camera
@Solla-topee just to update the post, a few days ago i received on my 2 C110 the firmware 1.3.0 that (on other things) enabled the smart action features
Forums/ Feature Requests
2022-11-19 09:33:52
Firmware update tapo camera
Hi, is it possible to update manually the cameras of the tapo series? i think it would be great to be able to manually update the camera as soon as the update is available (like other tp link product...
Forums/ Tapo Smart Light Bulbs
2022-10-13 15:20:00
Re:Smart action with tapo bulb and tapo camera
Hi @Solla-topee, Everything is up to date (APP at 2.10.6, C310 camera at 1.3.1 and L510E bulb at 1.2.2). No, what i mean is that, if i disable the notification for the camera in the tapo app settings...
Forums/ Tapo Smart Light Bulbs
2022-10-12 14:35:22
Smart action with tapo bulb and tapo camera
Hi, i'm trying to set a automation between my C310 camera and a L510E bulb (if the camera detect a movement, it lights up the bulb for 30 seconds). This seems to only work if the push notification...