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Forums/ Feature Requests
2023-02-02 07:40:07
Tapo S200B: Alexa/Third Party Support
I recently bought the S200B and noticed it's not compatible with Alexa, which is quiet annoying... As I have some third party products which would profit off better integration.
Forums/ Feature Requests
2023-01-28 16:52:49
Tapo C210: Custom Camera Modes
We currently have Home and Away modes, however, let us create our own modes, which can also be changed thru automation/shortcuts.
Forums/ Feature Requests
2023-01-28 16:51:00
Tapo C210: Home/Away Mode Shortcut/Automation Support
Let us please toggle Home and Away modes using Shortcuts and thereby Alexa, it isn't very pleasant to always head into the app and navigate into camera settings just to change modes.
Forums/ Feature Requests
2023-01-28 16:47:45
Tapo C210: Event Compatibility for Alexa
Please allow us to receive camera events on Alexa or pretty much any Smart Assistant so that it can trigger routines.