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1 of 3 KC200 cameras keeps going off line

I have 3 KC200 cameras and one of them keeps going off line. The wifi signal where the camera is seems to be quite strong so i'm wondering if there is a fault with it. Its annoying as i keep having to
/ Powerline Adapters
By RomanP 2016-09-19 11:48:53


Download tpPLC from the support page and run it on a computer with an Ethernet connection to the network. Watch to see if the adapters disappear. If so, the powerline network is getting disconnected.
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By steve888 2020-12-06 13:05:00

Camera not recording everyone walking up driveway

Hi I have a KC200 outdoor camera which has started to have an intermittent fault. It is no longer recording the movement of everyone walking up the driveway. I thin that its been happening for at leas