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Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
By Kevin_Z 2019-12-19 10:06:44

What should I do if I cannot connect to TP-Link camera through APP on smart phone

It can be divided into two parts: the basic configuration and the unstable connection issue. For the basic configuration issue, below are some installation guidance. For NC series camera: 1. How to se
Forums/ Tapo Smart Plugs
By RitiJ 2021-08-11 05:09:18

bypass the cloud of TP Link for live stream via Tapo App

Hi there. How to bypass the cloud of TP link and consume the live stream via Tapo App (android) directly from the camera check out https://koows.com/? Is there any way to do that? Thanks
Forums/ Kasa Smart Bulbs
By RitiJ 2021-07-27 07:37:27

Bulb Is not working properly

Just bought and installed a Tapo L530 color change bulb. I can control the bulb with the app, but when I select "turn off" it just changes the color to yellow and doesn't turn off.The app says it is o