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Forums/ Kasa Smart Switches
By Neran 2020-01-15 17:35:15

HS 200 Smart Swicth Schedule Not Working

Good afternoon. I have installed a new HS 200 smart switch, and i am not able to have the scheduling feature work. I have upgraded the app, changed the timezones, re-installed several times and the sc
Forums/ Kasa Smart Switches
By BAH 2019-12-11 22:23:41

HS200 won't run schedules

My HS200 won't run any schedules. The app will turn the lights on and off but no schedules work. Time and time zones are correct on both app and switch. Thoughts?
Forums/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By Neran 2019-11-18 17:20:59

TP Link HS103 vs HS105 Smart Plugs

Good day, I recently acquired a pair of HS 103 smart plugs, but I am not able to use the scheduling feature as described on amazon. Both units installed successfully and updated the firmware, so i don