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By ColleLupi 2022-12-15 16:16:26

How switch WiFi 6-Ghz via Omada OC 200 to the devices like EAP-610 EAP 620 HD

Under Settings / Wireless Network / WLan I can set my wlan networks for all frequencies 2,4/ 5/ 6. Ok done. If I go to the devices such as an EAP 610 (it can Wifi6) under Devices on the settings, I se
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By Abreco 2022-10-05 10:26:35

PPSK setup

Hi after configuring the PPSK, SSID is not visible kindly suggest the configuration method
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By YogeshEcsion 2022-08-29 14:55:26

Switches Password Changed after adopted by Omada Hardware Controller

Switches Password Changed after adopted by Omada Hardware Controller and now unable to access switches. anyone knows how do I again access switch or how to reset switch password.
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By Telmekom 2022-08-02 14:15:52

EAP v5.4.6 change controller system ip

Good day, we're currently evaluating Omada. We use a very special construct of Unifi deployment that use external MongoDB replica sets and Windows clustered service instances, which have all they own
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By SaiGer 2022-05-16 21:12:41


Where do I find the VLAN setting for the ETH2 port?
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By 2ramiro 2022-04-18 09:50:45

EAP615 Vlan tagging

Hello i am planning to setup an network with Omada , i would want to use the EAP615 as a switch and access point , so is it possible to configure that port2 ist vlan10 , port3 ist vlan20 and so on ?