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Forums/ Feature Request
By RogueSergeant 2021-02-08 13:28:13

Kasa PC app

Please can you develop a PC app / Web app for Kasa Smart? It would be super helpful as I am using Kasa to monitor energy use.
Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
By SnaffyNoo 2020-01-15 22:52:52

Kasa Care - TPlink reconsider ? 2 years Free? - Might as well just throw cam away instead!

I hope this does not upset anyone, but I felt this need to be said. Nest used to, and still does in most countries charge for cloud storage on a per camera basis. As we can all understand this will st
Forums/ Kasa Cameras
By Zebigbosss 2020-06-08 20:35:36

Kasa care unavailable in Hong Kong | 3 x KC110 & 2 X KC100

Hi there, Quite desapointing, I live in HK and got 3 KC-110 and 2 KC-100 and it happens that Kasa care is not availabale "in my region". Is there anything I can do to make it happen? It is quite annoy