SUGGESTION: Automatic Timer Function OR Rules

SUGGESTION: Automatic Timer Function OR Rules
SUGGESTION: Automatic Timer Function OR Rules
2019-04-23 20:10:48
Model: HS200
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.2.5

I have several smart switches in my home based in several ecosystems. I have Wemo, Kasa and Smartlife. Each of these apps are unique in their own way based on the settings they provide for their associated devices. My Wemo (dimmer) works best in my master bedroom (explanation of why is below). My Kasa (switch, HS200s) work very well as the Patio and Lanai switches. I have some cheaper unpopular brand wifi light switches and dimmers running on Smartlife in areas where I only really need to use Alexa to turn on and off or dim and raise brightness - in other words, where I don't need more detailed or specific functions (as referenced below). 


This is a suggestion for Kasa to "take inspiration" from something I've seen in the Wemo app, that is, Rules. Under rules, I can make it so my switch has an auto-off timer. This is a really cool feature. It works essentially like a vacancy mode (for me). I set the auto-timer for my master bedroom for 30m. This means that I can turn the light on and not have to think about turning it back off when I leave the room or if I'm walking in or out of the room. Since I rarely need the light for more than 30m at a time, this works out very well for me. If I encounter that rare situation where I need to turn the light back on, I have no issue doing this either from the switch or using Alexa. It's much better than having to toggle the switch every time I go in and out of the room or forgetting the light on for who knows how long, just to discover it hours later.

While Kasa has a Timer function for the HS200, I must manually start it through the app vs. having it automatically pre-set for an amount of time and automatically executing the function I need (to turn it off). 


There is also a function enabled with the HS220 (Dimmer) that can and should be added to the HS200; that is, press detection (long press, double tap). This could essentially be another way to achieve the 'rules' or 'auto timer' action without specifically adding a rule or new timer/different timer function. Simply make it so the HS200 can "Turn Off" in XX seconds or minutes after it is either "Long Pressed" or "Double Tapped", like the HS220. The main difference here is that whoever is using the switch would specifically have to "do" the press, and in my household, this is asking a lot. Still, it would be a great feature for say, putting our kid to bed.


Both functions would make for a great experience, imho.


I have 5 bedrooms in my home. I am deciding and making considerations between HS200s, HS220s or Wemos. I very much like the double tap and long press ability of the HS220 (I don't need the dimming for every room) but this ability doesn't exist on the HS200s. I'd really, really like to have the option of having the light turn off automatically after a certain time, a function of the Wemo app. 


Thanks. Love the product(s) and Kasa app by the way. I've seen Kasa improve so much since I purchased the HS200 years ago.


Here is what Wemos "Auto Off" function looks like. I have 2 Auto-Timers set up, 15m auto off during the daytime and 30m auto off during the nighttime, determined by sunrise and sunset times in my area (with slight adjustments like a few mins after sunrise, etc.).


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Re:SUGGESTION: Automatic Timer Function OR Rules
2019-04-24 00:49:03



Thank you for taking the time to write out a very through feature suggestion. 


I know that Amazon has a "routine" feature that can create a timer function, but our app definately does not have what you mentioned as far as a auto-off feature.


Thanks again on ideas to help make our products more user friendly.