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can not be connected.
2017-02-11 13:46:17
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I'm trying to set the guest network access on my Archer C7 V2 Dual Band router and it tells me that the schedule "can not be connected." I just updated to the latest firmware but I get the same outcome. Is there something I can do here? I want to set this and use it as a timer to turn off the internet for the kids at night...



[TD="class: h2, colspan: 3"]Wireless 2.4GHz [TD="class: Item"]Access Time:
Access And Bandwidth Control
Allow Guest To Access My Local Network: [/TD]
Enable Guest Network Bandwidth Control: [/TD]
Egress Bandwidth For Guest Network: Kbps (Range:1~1000000)
Ingress Bandwidth For Guest Network: Kbps (Range:1~1000000)
Guest Network (2.4G):
Network Name: (Also called the SSID)
Wireless Security: Disable Security WPA/WPA2-Personal
Version: Automatic(Recommended) WPA-PSK WPA2-PSK
Encryption: Automatic(Recommended)TKIP AES
PSK Password: [/TD]
(You can enter ASCII characters between 8 and 63 or Hexadecimal characters between 8 and 64.)
Group Key Update Period: Seconds (Keep it default if you are not sure, minimum is 30, 0 means no update)
Timeout Schedule can not be connected.[COLOR=#929292][B][/B]
Everyday Select Days
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
All day-24 Hours
Start Time: (HHMM)
End Time: (HHMM)