Optimizing Wireless Performance for Gaming on a TP-Link Router

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There are several ways you can use your TP-Link router's settings to ensure optimal performance when gaming:


Turn on Quality of Service(QoS) and turn on gaming mode

  • QoS is designed to ensure the efficient operation of the network when the network overloads or congests. It can specify priority of traffic and minimize the impact caused when the connection is under heavy load

  • By enabling gaming mode, QoS will ensure that your game is prioritized and will not have lag or ping spikes.

  • Please note that only some models have gaming mode, while other models may not.



Enable device priority in the router settings

  • Similar to the option above, you can enable device priority to make sure that the router processes your gaming device’s information first before your other devices.

  • Please note that while it is different in each model, in most cases device priority should be part of the QoS settings.



If possible, purchase a tri-band router such as Archer AX90 and leave one 5GHz band exclusively for gaming

  • By leaving one band exclusively for gaming, you are ensuring that other devices will not be taking their share of the traffic

  • Please note that as 5GHz band has less effective range than 2.4GHz band, please ensure that your device is close enough to the router to ensure optimal performance


Happy Gaming!!!



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