How to setup your range extender when WPS fails

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Product Used: TL-WA855RE


Background: The customer wants to set up their new TL-WA855RE Wi-Fi Range Extender using WPS.


Problem: Despite following the setup instructions correctly, the customer is unable to successfully establish a connection between the router and extender.


Solution: Most ISP issued wireless gateways will either not support WPS, or have their WPS button disabled, preventing a successful WPS setup process. After determining that the customer’s ISP issued wireless gateway does not support WPS by default, the customer was advised to instead use either the web browser setup method outlined in the included Quick Installation Guide, or the Tether app to quickly and easily set up the extender. These methods do not utilize WPS, and allow for swift setup, while also providing customization options along the way.


The Tether App setup steps are helpfully outlined in our FAQ here:


Since our Wi-Fi extenders offer various setup methods, this allows our customers to feel confident knowing there is a simple and effective way to extend their Wi-Fi, regardless of whether their router supports WPS.

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I need help setting up my extender can you help?




Of course we can,  We have several different method of setting up a Range Extender 


1.  Use the WPS method.  We have a setup video to help with this:


2. You can use the Tether app.  Which we have written an FAQ on:


3. You can use the Web interface which we also have a video on.


Let us know if this helps



Best Regards