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Forums/ Feature Request
2022-01-02 19:53:42
Re:2FA & Sign in Alerts
@Tony It's been nearly a year and the option to use MFA is still not available. How is this not a priority!? This isn't just a desired feature; This is a required feature and has been for years. Why...
Forums/ Bug Report
2021-02-13 07:47:14
2FA / Multifactor Authentication & Sign in Alerts
Why isn't there an option to enable 2FA on my account? Also, why isn't there an option to receive sign in alerts? I would like to know every time my account is signed into. Please make these critical...
Forums/ Feature Request
2021-02-13 07:40:57
2FA & Sign in Alerts
Why is there not an option to enable two factor authentication for my account? Also, why is there not an option to receive email alerts whenever my account is signed into?