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By Daimorgan1968 Tuesday

Losing Connection on Satelite M4. But not main Deco

Hi, I have 6 x M4 Deco Units in my home. The main unit is connected to a Virgin Media Tivo Box, and works fine. The one in my sons bedroom that is connected to his PS5 via an ethernet cable also works
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By AndreCasarin Monday

Deco M4R doesn't reach more than 100MB

Hello, I am facing an issue with my Deco M4R and would like to know if you guys have some idea. I have a 300MB Internet and two Deco in my house for mesh network, Deco 1 (Office - main one) and Deco 2
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By moo_tada Monday

3rd Deco shows offline

Hello, I had to reset the mesh system due to modem issues and now i can only connect 2 out 3 deco's. The 3 rd deco gets connected, but when i relocate it to a different floor, it shows offline. i've d
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By Golfetta Saturday

Deco M4 with different version (v2 V4)

Good morning, I own a set of 3 Teco M4 in V4 version, I bought a second set of 3 but they are in v2 version, I have configured everything (updating to the latest versions) but you can't connect them p
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By gareth820 a week ago

My Deco X60 network seems to have run out of slots for wifi devices to connect to

Hi... I have built a smart home setup running on a 24-port gigabit switch connected to a Deco X60/M5 hybrid network. Some devices are on ethernet and some are on Wifi. I have a mix of mobile phones, t
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By Aidy2020 a week ago

Deco M9 plus slow Wi-Fi speeds

Hi, I'm on Virgin Media broadband, I've just upgraded to 500Mbps last week but my wifi speeds all over the house are terrible. If I do a speed test through the Deco app I get 540Mbps but then I do a w