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By W.E.S. 2021-04-20 03:18:59

Change email address associated with deco

How do i change my email address in the deco app?
Forums/ Apps
By W.E.S. 2021-04-20 03:13:06

Smart Actions Tab missing

Hi I am seeing posts about how people are limited to 3 actions. However, I don't even have the tab to be able to setup any smart actions. I am using v2.6.2 of the app on a Galaxy S9. Is there a settin
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By W.E.S. 2020-11-14 04:16:42

Connectivity for the Deco x60

Hi, I have the 3 nodes setup, but some of the devices seem to be connecting to a node that is further away. For example the wireless printer is connected to the node in the basement (3 floors away) bu